Excursions and surroundings

A stay at the Caravel offers you the opportunity to visit places of profound historical and cultural places in the immediate inland of the Marches. of the magnificent attractiveness as Urbino, Pesaro, San Leo, Gradara they are within a few minutes!


High on two hills and around the gentle amphitheater of the Apennine Mountains, Urbino, sacred city for culture and art, even today preserves intact the face of a center of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with architectural and pictorial masterpieces of exception .
Inside the Ducal Palace (sec. XV) the seat of the National Gallery of the Marche.


From afar Loreto we show how the city in the form of the sanctuary: with ramparts and century walls born around the sanctuary of the Nazareth home.
Become in a short time of worship and pilgrimage center of the country was developing in 1469, with the construction of the church-fortress, built to defend the Holy House walls. The heart of the city is Piazza della Madonna.


Between two mountains cut to peak, a wild throat hides the treasure caves with beautiful formations of stalactites, stalagmites and crystals flows in a harmonious succession of forms including lakes, ponds and chests, lit by natural and artificial light colors.
A long itinerary presents a surreal landscape, a world at the dawn of nature.


A picturesque medieval village surrounded by trapezoid curtain walls (sec. XIV), with towers that rise up to the Rocca.
You want it in his castle took place the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante.


On an inland hill, it testifies to its significance in the Renaissance age and nowadays the visitor a series of fascinating historical stress, artistic in panoramic. Inside a living history museum, scenic shows how was the life in the fortress.
In the armory you can ammirareuna selection of Time weapons.


Corinaldo is a town surrounded by impressive Fifteenth walls.
A long walk is ideal to admire the battlements Ghibellines dovetail, the bastions and the tower of the Spur, 18 m high. pentagonal shape.
Turning towards the Bargello well you reach the terrace above the arch of the door, from which you can admire the old town and the countryside below, and on sunny days you can see the Monte Conero.
Corinaldo is also a country of great spirituality and demonstrate the many churches to visit.

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